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Chiela always feels so awkward at these events. They’re for Terasu anyway, who just drags her along because she doesn’t want to have to spend all night listening to a bunch of drunken bores. That’s Chiela’s theory anyways and she’s sticking to it. All the people she’s talked to have been drunken bores, and she’s seriously not liking how Terasu had dumped her to go talk up a bunch of putzes in expensive suits. She has to admit, though, the view’s terrific, if the company leaves something to be desired. They’re in a bar on the roof of one tall-ass building or another, looking over the sparkling lights of the city, the lit bar itself a soft glow among them, lines of glittering bottles and glasses an accent. Chiela grips her drink in one hand - some sort of fruity cocktail Terasu had ordered for her, and, probably, she should have been wary of Terasu ordering anything for her, at all. At least it wasn’t Jello shots, although she had a feeling that this party was supposed to be too ritzy for Jello shots.

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