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Attempting to make some sort of order out of this mess. Bits and pieces of both stories are listed chronologically in the order they occur in the book. I would highly suggest navigating based on this and not the order I'm posting them in, as that's fairly helter-skelter. Fair warning: there's every chance they'll get edited and added to as the NaNoWriMo goes along. A * denotes scenes that are complete or a series of scenes that are complete when taken together. And, yes, I'm working on two novels concurrently, though I'm heavily favoring an hour. Don't look at me like that, I can do it if I want to.

title: an hour of all this grew deeper
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur/[personal profile] tachycardiac
pairing(s): chiela/terasu, pipra/nikolao, pipra/nikolao/dioscorus
rating: r, so far
word count: 25426
a/n: ahahahahaha.
a/n for real: seriously, this story is the most ridiculous thing I've ever written. it involves aliens, transvestites, alien transvestites, super powers, a race of shape-shifters, a threesome that should not have happened but continues to do so, a space dragon (you read that correctly: a space dragon), one character, at least, that talks like an intergalactic Valley Girl, and the ensuing wacky hijinks. it's the worst kind of science fiction, and anyone with a decent sense of shame would have scrapped it long ago. so it's a good thing I have no sense of shame.

the morning after the night before

i can see clearly now.

that's honestly a little bit creepy


a grove of orange trees, an abandoned doll, and swimming. *

well, this is awkward.

we're space flunkies. we flunked space.

i'm afraid i can't do that.

hold up, now (a.k.a. oh god, please don't read this, it needs to be rewritten, badly).

mind probes ftw!

she's a market girl.

how james bond.

i'll admit, that was unexpected.

oh, snap!

conclusion? awesome.

not going to starve me, then?

must everything end in threesomes?

not the kind of thing you want to walk in on. or maybe you do, i don't know. *

explain yourself.

a whole new woooorld.

in the forest of the night.

we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of amah.

excuse me for being surprised.

space dragons, whaaat.

catastrophe and the cure

holy shit!


title: as for the photograph
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur/[personal profile] tachycardiac
rating: pg-13, so far
word count: 1725
a/n: for those of you playing at home, this is the extended version of please let me suffer like you, which i'd probably have been better off leaving alone, but apparently i just can't help myself.

swimming is fine! /lame-ass reference

delinquency in an attic

These would be the stories that have popped up to distract me from my NaNo novel, and I blame the paranormal romance generator for every word of them. When they say NaNo is about quantity over quality, this is what they're talking about. All of the writing so far has been done in Write or Die, and I'm probably not going to break from that. Which really just means this is going to be a special kind of terrible.

title: a dagger, never drawn
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur/[personal profile] tachycardiac
pairing: evie/rosie (evadne/roswitha), kettil/percy
word count: 3169

oh, god, it's morning, already?

you do know this isn't a shelter, don't you?

i'm officially taking this personally.
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