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Chiela knocked briskly on Nikolao’s door, then rocked back on her heels to wait. Inside she could hear someone shifting around, softly, someone giggling, murmuring too low for Chiela to make out the words, and footsteps padding towards the door, which slid open to reveal Nikolao, morning-ruffled, hair in unruly licks atop his head, cheeks creased where he’d lain on the sheets, mouth bitten-red, bare-chested and wearing only boxers. So that was. Wow, relaxed. Chiela hadn’t considered that Nikolao ever got that undressed unless he was - there was another giggle from behind his, and Chiela shifted just enough to see past him, to where Pipra was lying on the bed, covered only by the sheet, his cheek resting on Dioscorus’ shoulder and - oh. Oh, that would explain it.

Chiela turned her attention back to Nikolao who had a look on his face that said, very clearly, to Chiela, at least, You are interrupting morning sex. Explain yourself.

“Uh,” she said and raised her hand to give him a weak little wave,”Hey.”

“Hello,” Nikolao said, arching one eyebrow as if to amend the previous look’s statement with and you are acting stupidly while doing it.

“So, uh. Yeah,” Chiela said, then recovered herself enough to add, “So Terasu wants you in the cockpit,” which Chiela thought sounded totally inappropriate as soon as she’d said it, given the fact that Nikolao was practically naked and… and, seriously, was that a hickey?. She quickly added on a, “To, uh. To talk. Yeah.”

“Very well,” Nikolao said, “Is it urgent?”

“Oh, uh,” Chiela said, and seriously she sounded like an idiot but she couldn’t get past Nikolao and practically naked, “No, you know. Take your time.”

Nikolao nodded at her and then stepped back. The door slid shut, and Chiela stared at it a moment, stupidly, then rallied herself and turned to walk down the hallway - she swore she heard Pipra giggling again, but that was probably in her head. That was. Wow. Relaxed. Seriously relaxed.

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