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[font="arial narrow"][size=7]ESHE [color="white"]SSANYU[/color] BAH[i][color="white"]![/i][/color][/size][/font]

[img]image not to exceed 375x500[/img]

[font="arial narrow"][size=7]ID No. [color="white"]0017732957[/font][/size][/color]

[b][color="white"]THIRTY.[/b][/color] occupation and/or main activity here.
additonal few lines about your character go here. could be anything from random facts or
bits about his/her history to a general summary of personality/who s/he is as a person.[/center]

[font="arial narrow"][size=7]BASICS[color="white"][i]![/i][/color][/font][/size]

[list][b]NAME:[/b] Eshe Ssanyu Bah.
[b]AGE:[/b] Thirty.
[b]BIRTHDATE:[/b] February 8, 2030.
[b]SEX:[/b] Female
[b]GENDER:[/b] Female
[b]CATEGORY:[/b] Citizen.
[b]ORIENTATION:[/b] Heterosexual.
[b]KINSEY NUMBER:[/b] 1.5
[b]HOMETOWN/DISTRICT:[/b] Chicago.

[list][b]HEIGHT:[/b] 5'10''
[b]BUILD:[/b] body type and shape.
[b]COMPLEXION:[/b] Medium-dark.
[b]HAIR:[/b] Dark brown, boy-short, and curly/picked out.
[b]EYES:[/b] So dark brown as to appear black.
[b]CLOTHES:[/b] how your character dresses.
[b]PLAYBY:[/b] Yasmin Warsame

[list][b]MOTHER:[/b] full name, age, occupation.
[b]FATHER:[/b] full name, age, occupation.
[b]SIBLINGS:[/b] full names, ages, occupations.
[b]OTHER:[/b] Chausiku Bah, 12, student, districted. Imamu Bah, 21, missionary.

[font="arial narrow"][size=7]PERSONALITY[color="white"][i]![/i][/color][/font][/size]
Eshe sets out to accomplish things. She’s got drive and energy to spare, and will throw herself entirely into a cause, but tends to be very restless and difficult to settle down. She wants to be constantly doing, and has little patience for sitting around and talking about what should be done. Even when she’s working on a story, she’s practically acting out that story, writing in concentrated bursts in between popping out of her chair and pacing, talking to herself and going through motions that make her look both frenetic and a little bit crazy.

She holds herself to very high standards and expects others to achieve her level of performance. She’s intelligent, possibly to a fault, because she knows how intelligent she is, and she’s set out to prove it to everyone else. She grasps ideas very quickly, and she's always had a gift for writing and speaking. She's very pursuasive, when she puts her mind to it. She also wants to know more and more and more; she's never content with resting on her intellectual laurels.

She’s open to knew ideas up to a point. She tends to research something heavily before she forms an opinion - she's a very rational creature and makes decisions based on facts and not emotions; she lives intensely in her mind - but once she does form that opinion, she shuts down against other options. After reaching that point, she’s incredibly unlikely to shift herself or to let others shift her from where she stands. She's resistent to people trying to change her, in general and can be inflexible at the worst possible times. She refuses to compromise or give an inch, particularly where her values or ethics are concerned.

She has an independent spirit and tends to hold unorthodox viewpoints, the kind that really don’t endear her any to the MOP, but that made her an excellent recruit for the New Republicans. She's sort of an avant-garde thinker, whose opinions are written in stone. She believes in personal freedom and the right to express oneself as one sees fit. You can imagine how she feels about the government stepping all over freedom of speech, not to mention what they do to UDs. She makes for an opinionated, rebellious sort and she sticks to her guns - she's fierce, ya'll, and she'll prove it to you. Coupled with her natural impetuousness, she’s kind of a danger to herself and others. She’s always been the sort to be in constant trouble. The water rises fast, with her.

She’s not terrible good with money. She’s an impulse spender and loves to splurge. She’s fond of good living, and she likes owning nice things because, when you grow up with six brothers and sisters, you don’t tend to end up with many nice things of your own. Her paychecks not bad, but it doesn’t cover that much in the way of expensive clothing and toys. That hasn’t stopped her yet.

(While doing her natal chart, one reading that came up was that work would take her to new residences. I LOLed.)


[font="arial narrow"][size=7]HISTORY[color="white"][i]![/i][/color][/font][/size]


[font="arial narrow"][size=7]ABOUT YOU[color="white"][i]![/i][/color][/font][/size]
[list][b][color="white"]NAME:[/color][/b] Jack
[b][color="white"]AGE:[/color][/b] 23, bitches!
[b][color="white"]GENDER:[/color][/b] Male
[b][color="white"]OTHER CHARACTERS:[/color][/b] Cleto Chavarria, Shpresa Pranvera, Quaid Cassidy.

[i][center][font="arial narrow"][size=7][color="white"] SHAKEN AS WE ARE[/color]
WAN WITH CARE[/font][/size][/i]
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