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Attempting to make some sort of order out of this mess. Bits and pieces of both stories are listed chronologically in the order they occur in the book. I would highly suggest navigating based on this and not the order I'm posting them in, as that's fairly helter-skelter. Fair warning: there's every chance they'll get edited and added to as the NaNoWriMo goes along. A * denotes scenes that are complete or a series of scenes that are complete when taken together. And, yes, I'm working on two novels concurrently, though I'm heavily favoring an hour. Don't look at me like that, I can do it if I want to.

an hour of all this grew deeper )

as for the photograph )

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title: an hour of all this grew deeper
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
pairing: chiela/terasu
word count: 783
rating: pg

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